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Richard and Myrna Mills welcomes you to their website bringing you hope, good will, and the Lord's Blessings!!! We are christians that are excited about bringing you information regarding God's true word, the Holy Bible.

Richard and Myrna are educators that specialize in home Bible study which can be provided in private or group settings. In addition, Bible Study can be studied individually, remotely in any state, and in any country. Richard and Myrna will provide you with all the materials needed to begin your study of God's word and developing your relationship with him. To see what our bible studies look like, click the Bible Prophecy Seminars button in the menu bar at the top of page.

We also have many wonderful books you may find interesting. We have many other books not mentioned in our web site, so please feel free to email us for what you are looking for.

We thank the Lord that you have found us and we are eager to start you on your journey to finding answers that may not have been answered in previous studies.

Welcome to the truth!!! We are so glad you are here!